A man named Peter Graham of Lakeville came to Winsted one spring day scouting land for, of all things, a golf course. That was his dream, and he found his track for a six-hole course on some pasture off Torringford Street. A lot has happened in the last 100 years. Two world wars, a depression, Rock ‘n Roll, Arnie’s Army, Television, the Internet and Tiger. But here in the green woods lies this little 10-hole track that to this day remains a good test of your short game as any course; it’s been a home for generations of families. And it’s been a great place for youngsters to come of age, to learn the golf game when that’s all it is—and all it has to be. View this wonderful brochure  capturing the club’s rich history and golfing events.


Here is an article in the Register Citizen celebrating Stan’s induction into the Connecticut PGA Hall of Fame, featuring some reminiscing by Mary Ellen Vaccari.


This is an article by Owen Canfield in the Courant regarding Stan’s 90th birthday and his memories of caddying at Green Woods.

Green Woods Memories